Sarah Jaymes First Time Machine Sex

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Sarah Jaymes is just 21 and admits when she wants to get off she uses her fingers. She was very uneasy about the machines but after checking them out she stripped off. She bent over and used a vibrator on her clit and the first machine fucked her.

She didn’t seem to be enjoying it so the guys put her on a Sybian instead. You could actually see how she changed her mind about machines as she had orgasm after orgasm on it. By the time she had her last one on there they had to drag her off they were so intense.

After that she was happy to get back to the machine fuck with Fuckzilla having a go. She held the vibrator against her clit again as the machine fucked another orgasm from her. This one was different as it was her first ever squirting orgasm, You can see Sarah with machine dildos at Fucking Machines.

19 Year Old Katie Machine Fucked For First Time

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Katie used to be an underwear model and god she has the body for it. When offered this scene she decided to take it up even though she only just moved into the porno business. She starts off with a shower pipe to soak her pussy and clit before using the new machine called The Hose which pushes warm water into her pussy as it fucks her.

She bends over to take the same machine fuck her ass as she uses a vibrator on her pussy before lying down to take bigger and faster dildos. Even though she is new to this she allows the machines to fuck her constantly through orgasm after orgasm.

She tries out some new machines and old ones like the Assblaster which leaves her soaking wet. She also tries other things such as the suction tubes on her nipples as the machines suck them to twice their normal length. You can see her first machine sex scene at Fucking Machines.

2 Girls Take Anal Machine Sex

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Phoenix Marie and Amy Brooke are both well know for loving anal sex so this scene was set up for them paired together to see who was the real anal queen. It starts off with Amy being pussy fucked by one machine and a vibrator held on her clit by Phoenix who is being ass fucked by one.

A machine fucking her ass not being enough for Amy she gets her ass fisted while the dildo is still inside her then switches places to be machine ass fucked by Phoenix’ machine until she squirts. Then she takes Big Red in her ass until she squirts which Phoenix licks up and drips back into Amy’ mouth.

Phoenix takes a machine dildo in her ass then as she uses the vibe on Amy until Amy squirts cum in her face. As Phoenix is ass fucked Amy sits on a Sybian only getting up to squirt cum in a bowl. At the end of the scene and many squirting orgasms Amy drinks her own juices from the bowl and believe me there is a lot of it. You can see these 2 take a machine fucking their ass at Fucking machines.

Alexa Jaymes Takes Fuck Machine Dildo In Her Ass

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Alexa Jaymes is a Brazilian French sex addict that has been doing porn shoots for less than a year but has the imagination of one of the most perverse people around. She is placed on a bench with a fuck machine on top of her sliding in and out to warm her up and she helps by rubbing her clit.

She bends over as the machine is cranked up to high speed to force a thundering orgasm from her then she lies on her back again so she can rub her clit to another. She goes through a load of the machines as they force orgasm after orgasm from her and she just never seems to stop.

She went through the Piledriver, Shockspot and finally the Assblaster which brought two intense orgasms from her that had her squealing in pain and pleasure. The camera microphone registered over 100%, that’s how loud she was and still she didn’t stop. When she finally came from there her hair was everywhere and sweat was dripping from her. You can see this stunner take these orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Sara Jay Double Vagina Machine Fuck

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Sara Jay starts off this scen bent over on her feet with a special machine paddling her huge tits which are double E as she is being machine fucked by a massive dildo from behind. Orgasms after orgasm is ripped from her as her tits suffer and the machine fucking gets faster.

Next she has two dildos in her pussy as she takes a double vagine pounding. She takes them both and continues straight through her orgasms even the squirting orgasm that left the machines soaked. After a few of these she lies on her back with her legs up for the Little Guy fuck machine.

She has clamps on her tits as this extra fast machine pounds her pussy at full speed. She goes through a few orgasms before adding a vibrator to her clit. The next orgasm leaves a squirt that is so powerful it flies right over her head. You can watch Sara get her double pussy pounding at Fucking Machines.

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Yurizan Beltran has the most massive tits and these were just too good not to have them sucked by Actapussy. While this machine is sucking her tits she is being machine fucked as well. Vacuum tubes are used on her nipples then the Ocatapussy put on over the top to vacuum her tits while she is on all fours being fucked by another machine making her tits jiggle. She lies on her back for another machine fuck with a vibrator on her clit bringing a loud orgasm from her. The squirting orgasm she gives when the Intruder is used along with a vibrator is so loud you may have to stop watching her tits jumping around. Click here to see the whole machine sex video.

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Danika Lamb is really looking forward to her Fucking Machines scene as she knows she can control everything and the main thing she wants to control is her orgasms. She says she can only have a truly intense orgasm while lying on her back and boy does she prove it. Her first orgasm using the SatisfyHer is so intense you think she’s going to slip off the bench, her back arches and her ass and legs are shaking all over the place. When they use the Snake as well she just has orgasm after painful orgasm with only minutes between them and to show she wasn’t lying she tried using a fuck machine while on all fours and true enough, she never came once. To see Danika machine fucked click here.

Alexis Texas Extreme Machine Fucking

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Alexis Texas has said she will never do any other type of kink porno than Fucking Machines and if you see how stunning this girl is with such a juicy ass you know it’s worth joining the site just for her. Led on the settee she takes her first fuck machine deep into her pussy then she turns over onto all fours with one leg on the armrest stretching her pussy wide and allowing deeper penetration. Next she sits on two stools, a leg on each with a vibrator on her clit and a fuck machine dildo in her pussy before changing positions. She also sits on the stairs for another machine fuck to a blistering orgasm before going onto my favourite machine. She sits on the Sybian with her pussy wide open and has orgasm after noisy orgasm without a break. This beautiful kinky goddess can only be seen here.

Aiden Starr Takes A Hard Machine Fucking

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Aiden Starr has been wanted for this scene for a long time but she always refused. Finally they have their girl and she lives up to all the expectations. Naked within seconds she is soon riding the first fucking machine and is almost instantly dripping cum. Soon bored with the first machine she lies on her back on a couch to let a massive red dildo machine enter her pussy.

By the time she is through with this machine the couch is so wet they had to put a blanket down for her to bend over on all fours for the next machine to fuck her from behind. The next machine which comes after many more orgasms has her on her back with her legs over her head getting her pussy pounded hard and fast.

On her back again the next machine is almost too big for her, to the point where she has to have it on slow speed. The one after that though is a bit smaller so is set to full speed again to force multiple orgasms from her. The Hitachi on her clit probably helped as well which is why she cums till she’s sore. You can see Aiden work her way through all these painful orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Veronica Avluv Machine Fucked By Five

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Veronica Avluv was literally demanded back by so many that they wanted this scene to be one they would never forget. They put her in the kitchen baking cakes but she is soon naked sat spreadeagled on the kitchen counter with a modified cake mixer fucking her pussy. They put it onto full speed till she cums then turn her over to be fucked from below.

After a few more orgasms she goes to the bedroom to get on all fours and be taken from behind by another fucking machine. She went through a load of orgasms this way before sitting up and being fucked by another machine. She had a few orgasms like this then sat back and used an Hitachi while being machine fucked.

A few more squirting orgasms and she was ready to move onto the final machine. This one fucked her on full speed till she had some screaming orgasms. In the end they had to tell her to end the scene or we’d probably still be there now. You can see Veronica Avluv mercilessly fucked by machines at Fucking Machines.