18 Year Old Machine Fucked

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Sasha signed up to do porn the day she turned 18, this should tell you all you need to know about this girl. She volunteered for this scene and seemed very excited knowing she could go for as long as she wanted. She starts off on her back being machine fucked to a few orgasms and then adds an Hitachi on her clit for a load more.

Sasha goes onto all fours to continue her orgasm overload then when this still isn’t enough she moves onto a new bigger dildo machine. Again she adds an Hitachi to get the most orgasms available before turning onto all fours again. She squirts a load of cum onto the bed.

On her back she takes a bigger and even faster dildo on full speed before finally admitting to having enough. They decided to push her though and put her on top of a Sybian. Sasha goes through orgasm after orgasm because she refused to give up. You can see Sasha fucked by machines at Fucking Machines.

Lexi Swallow Impaled On Fuck Machine

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Lexi Swallow is a stunner that loves sex so much she can do one scene after another so they decided to see if she needed more after a session with a fuck machine. They had her lay on her back and spread her legs wide then put The Guvnor between her legs.

The main thing with this fuck machine is that it goes on random from short fast pumps to long hard strokes. It fucks her pussy to orgasm after thundering orgasm but she is made to stay still. After she is screaming from so many orgasms they release her but stop her from leaving the scene.

Instead of that they make her sit on top of The Little Guy. You get to see her lovely tits bounce around as she is fucked hard and fast by this little machine dildo. They even make her hold a vibrator to her sensitive clit for the last orgasm before releasing her. You can see Lexi take take a fuck machine at Fucking Machines.

Abby Darling Machine Fucked With Huge Dildo

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Abby Darling has to be the fittest MILF around. She is toned and looks just out of her teens but has so much experience and wants so much more than comes with years. She also likes bigger dildos than most women, in fact in her words the bigger the better.

She straddled the first huge dildo and was machine fucked to orgasm but she had said before hand she is not one of those one hit wonders, she loves to come over and over and anything less than 30 minutes isn’t even classed as sex. She led on her stomach as an even bigger dildo was inserted.

This huge dildo fucked many orgasms from her before she turned over to carry on with it and included using a vibrator on her clit which left her having screaming orgasms. She didn’t even stop for breath as they moved on to the fastest machine. This one pounded out orgasm after painful orgasm till even Abby was satisfied. You can see this stunning MILF machine fucked with huge dildos at Fucking Machines.

Jesse Andrews Takes Machine Dildo

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Jesse Andrews was always going to be a porn star. She did her first porno the week she turned 18 and immediately loved the idea of a solo shoot taking as much sex as she could handle in the form of a machine dildo. She knew they would never tire but seemed determined to outlast it.

She strips off and climbs on top of the machine dildo and holds a vibrator in place. She has her first and second squirting orgasm that way then lays down to carry on, Her third and fourth aren’t far behind and she shows no signs of slowing. In fact she got straight up and sat on top of a bigger machine dildo and held the vibrator in place and 5 and 6 happened.

All these orgasms are squirting orgasms so they can’t be denied, in fact 6 and 7 left the machine so wet they were afraid of damage so made her lie back down again. She still squirted the next few orgasms so hard they hit the machine even though this machine dildo was even bigger. You can see this stunner hit double figures in orgasms at Fucking Machines.

3 Girls In Orgasm Competition

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Chloe Camilla, Devon Taylor and Lizzy Rose go head to head in the third part of a fuck machine competition. In the first part it was a solo shag round to see who could handle the fuck machines the best. Round two was a pussy fight with each girl trying to force the other to quit through orgasms.

This third part was all against all in an orgasm competition where they have to stay on a full power sybian the longest. They start off all calm and collected but the competition heats up after they each have their first orgasm. The screams and shudders coming from them is amazing as they lose if they break contact.

I won’t tell you who wins as it would spoil it but believe me the girls all deserved an award for staying on for so long. They even threw in Holly Heart as a bonus shag using a fuck machine. She went at it with a fuck machine on full with a vibrator on her clit. You can see this orgasm competition at Fucking Machines.

Lexi Swallow Vibrated In Machine Sex

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Lexi Swallow is happy to see how far machine sex can take her, she is hoping it’s past her limits. They start off with her stripping then using a a chain link G-string. An hitachi vibrator is attached to the chain giving some serious vibrations and leaving her sweaty and covered in cum.

Next the machine sex continues unrelenting as the Fucksall enters her pussy and the Little Guy vibrates her clit until she comes a bright white creamy mess. She is tied to a chair next as the Intruder MK2 is set to high speed and used to fuck her pussy through a load of orgasms.

After she screams for mercy they turn the speed down and tell her they want just one more orgasm but she has to use the Hitachi at the same time. She forces herself through this screaming orgasm before the machine sex comes to an end. You can see Lexi taking this machine fuck at Fucking Machines.

Beverle Hills Takes Large Dildo In Ass

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Beverly Hills is a stunner and so used to bdsm that they let her start this scene with the controls. She opened her ass with a dildo before lying down and inserting the first machine dildo in her pussy then she put it on slow until she had her first orgasm.

Slow isn’t good so the controls were taken from her and the machine put on full speed as she used a vibrator on her clit until she had a squirting orgasm. She was bent over on all fours and ass fucked just as deep by the same machine until she came again then flipped over again.

She took machine sex in the pussy for the next orgasm then turned over yet again for a bigger dildo in her ass. Each time she came she was flipped and a machine dildo inserted into the next hole while the vibrator was kept on her sore clit. This great scene with a stunning Beverly Hills can be found at Fucking Machines.

End Of World Machine Fuck

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Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir play 2 women that survive the Apocalypse by hiding in a basement of a sex toy factory. Knowing they can only survive so long they decide to spend the rest of their time having fun. Asphyxia is machine fucked first with a dildo in her pussy set on full speed bringing squirting orgasms.

Skin is then pussy fisted while her clit is vibrated before sitting up to take a machine dildo in her pussy. The vibrator brings her to orgasm before Asphyxia takes a monster dildo in her ass. This fucks her ass full length and at full speed while Skin holds a vibrator on her clit till she is soaking.

Skin is tied up to be bondage fucked by machines next, not being able to stop as the orgasms fly from her. They both go on their back then to take another machine fucking side by side while holding their own vibrators. They both get through no end of orgasms. This scene is made all the better because these 2 are a real life couple, you can see them fucked by machines at Fucking Machines.

Sarah Jaymes First Time Machine Sex

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Sarah Jaymes is just 21 and admits when she wants to get off she uses her fingers. She was very uneasy about the machines but after checking them out she stripped off. She bent over and used a vibrator on her clit and the first machine fucked her.

She didn’t seem to be enjoying it so the guys put her on a Sybian instead. You could actually see how she changed her mind about machines as she had orgasm after orgasm on it. By the time she had her last one on there they had to drag her off they were so intense.

After that she was happy to get back to the machine fuck with Fuckzilla having a go. She held the vibrator against her clit again as the machine fucked another orgasm from her. This one was different as it was her first ever squirting orgasm, You can see Sarah with machine dildos at Fucking Machines.

19 Year Old Katie Machine Fucked For First Time

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Katie used to be an underwear model and god she has the body for it. When offered this scene she decided to take it up even though she only just moved into the porno business. She starts off with a shower pipe to soak her pussy and clit before using the new machine called The Hose which pushes warm water into her pussy as it fucks her.

She bends over to take the same machine fuck her ass as she uses a vibrator on her pussy before lying down to take bigger and faster dildos. Even though she is new to this she allows the machines to fuck her constantly through orgasm after orgasm.

She tries out some new machines and old ones like the Assblaster which leaves her soaking wet. She also tries other things such as the suction tubes on her nipples as the machines suck them to twice their normal length. You can see her first machine sex scene at Fucking Machines.