Nonstop Machine Fucking For Mia Li

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Watch Mia take more sex than ever

Mia Li loves sex and seems to have an infinite amount of orgasms available to her. This made her ideal for a Fucking Machines scene. She was put naked on a swing seat and fucked by her first machine to the first of many orgasms. She had quite a few orgasms that way before a thicker, bigger dildo is used to get some more from her.

She turns over on the swing to be fucked hard from behind. The machines speed is switched up going faster and faster while an Hitachi is held on her clit. Eventually the machine is switched off to save it overheating but she carried on with the Hitachi. Nipple suction is used on her nipples as the third machine gets to work on her through more orgasms.

The next machine dildo is absolutely massive and fully stuffs her pussy while vibes work on her nipples. The vibes are placed on her clit as the next dildo brings about orgasm after orgasm. When they tell her that the scene is over she looks so disappointed but agrees. Watch this woman have brutal orgasm after orgasm at Fucking Machines.

Insatiable Melissa Jacobs Orgasm After Orgasm

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Melissa Jacobs just can’t be stopped. If they had made this an all day machine fucking session she would probably still want more. She starts off being pounded from behind at slow speed by a fucking machine but it is soon turned up to full speed. Along with the vibrator held on her clit she is soon having a squirting orgasm.

Not content with that she turns over so another machine can fuck her while yet another machine is hitting her tits with a ruler and the vibrator helps her through more orgasms. A few more squirting orgasms later and she is turned over lying face down on a table with her arms tied to her legs.

An even bigger machine dildo is inserted and this one running at full speed has her shuddering but happy to continue. The vibrator is also used to keep her coming but even that isn’t enough for her. In the interview at the end she is still fingering herself to more orgasms. You can see Melissa Jacobs having thundering orgasms at Fucking Machines.

French Maid Danica Takes A Machine Fuck

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When Danica gets a job as a french maid cleaning a boys apartment she finds some disgusting things. One day while cleaning she pulls a book and a secret door opens. She goes in and finds some sex machines so decides to enjoy herself for a change. She’s naked within seconds and riding 2 new machines called The Guvnor and The Mamba while using a vibrator on her clit. She is soon squirting everywhere, especially as these new machines alter while working, one minute going slow, next fast, sometimes just the head and other times the whole thing. She has loads of orgasms which of course she has to clean up. Go to Fucking Machines for more machine dildo sex.

Sienna Takes A Machine Fuck With An Ass Spanking

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Sienna has always complained of not having enough sex so she was happy to volunteer for a scene at Fucking Machines. When asked what she liked best she said she loves someone smacking her ass as they fuck her so they arranged to have the spanking machine ready for her. After shoving a large butt plug inside her they set the machine going leaving her ass red. She lay down then for the Bunny Fucker to bring her to orgasm before moving on to The Monster. After enough of this position she goes on to all fours and takes a big fuck machine dildo in her ass. Still not satisfied she goes on her back again with the large dildo in her ass and uses a vibrator on her clit to bring her to a thundering orgasm. You can see the machine sex video here at Fucking Machines.Com.

Yasmine de Leon And Seda Double Team Fucking Machines

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It’s rare to see two newbies try a new site together so Fucking Machines were overjoyed to get two stunning amateurs together for this scene. They start off easy, kissing and using vibrators on each other before using the sex machines, each using a dildo in her pussy. This isn’t enough for Seda who wants to be fucked hard so goes to the double penetration side of things with a dildo in her ass as well as her pussy and with Yasmine licking her pussy it isn’t long before she has an intense orgasm. After being double penetrated Seda moves onto the Sybian where the girls take it in turns while the other controls the speed, each using tease and denial to bring the other to the edge of orgasm before stopping. This scene and many others can be found at Fucking Machines.Com.

An 18 Year Old Machine Fucked Nonstop

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Watch Kiki Koi take machine dildo

Kiki Koi is an 18 year old that really has no limits to the amount of orgasms they can have so they wanted to prove it. They are both given more treatment than any of the older stars take and just when the guys think they have beat the girls they are proved wrong.

Kiki Koi starts off led on a couch with suction cups on her tits, a fuck machine dildo in her mouth and another in her pussy going hell for leather. While this is happening a vibrating tongue is on her clit bringing orgasm after orgasm from her as the machine is turned up faster and faster.

Kiki Koi is on a table wearing nipple clamps and holding a vibrator on her clit as an handheld fuck machine is pounding her pussy at full speed. She has multiple orgasms until the guys say they can stop. They start the post scene interview and amazingly she grabs a wand and starts again. Watch Kiki Koi take nonstop machine sex at Fucking Machines.

April O’Neil Machine Fucked To Multiple Orgasms

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April O’Neil prefers sex to anything else and although she likes cock she admits no man can keep up with her. This is why she has such a large selection of toys and fuck machines. These sex machines are always on the highest speed and she always uses the full length of the dildo. The toys may range in size but she always makes sure she has an orgasm with each, sometimes one in each position and since in this scene she uses five different machines and in different positions you can work out how many powerful orgasms she had. At one point she even used a collar and gag, pulling the collar as tight as she could as she comes. The interview at the end shows how tiring this scene was, she actually fell asleep in a small break and had to be woken up, you can see this here at Fucking Machines.

Four Dildos In The Ass

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Watch Amy Brooke get her ass stretched

Amy Brooke loves finding new ways to cum and has recently discovered that the more painful the bigger the orgasm. She starts off haveing her pussy machine fucked through a squirting orgasm that is powerful enough to force the dildo out. She bends over then to be ass fucked by the same large dildo.

She has another orgasm like this before sitting down with her legs spread while being machine fucked and with two vacuum tubes sucking her nipples. The tube is placed on her clit for another orgasm then she goes on all fours to take an even bigger dildo in her ass. She squirts cum everywhere this time then fists her own ass while her pussy is pounded.

She has the bright idea of stretching her ass then, first with two dildos then three. They eventually use the Fucksall with 4 dildos in her ass. While these four dildos pound her ass she holds the Hitachi on her clit through some painful orgasms until she eventually gives up. You can see Amy Brooke machine fucked by four dildos at Fucking Machines.

Lauren Barnett With The SaisfyHer Giant Dildo

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Watch Lauren have the most powerful orgasm with these fuck machines.

Lauren Barnett is a stunner with a great body who reckons she rarely has an orgasm. That made her perfect for this scene where she not only gets to use different size sex machines but also the Sybian which is practically guaranteed to give an intense orgasm. All told she was machine fucked to three amazing orgasms though the biggest came at the end. After the different positions and speeds it was the Sybian that did the trick and when she had her squirting orgasm leaving her soaking she asked to try the SatisfyHer, a machine with a dildo that most porn stars can’t manage but she does so with ease. That being said she had her most explosive orgasm while riding that. This scene can be found here or at Kink on Demand.

Lorelei Lee And Charley Chases Fuck Machines Medical Scene

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Watch these two veteran pornstars battle for the biggest orgasm.

Lorelei Lee and Charley Chase have done loads of scenes for fuckingmachines and this is classed as one of their best. They start off licking pussy to get each other wet then the sex machines really get a workout. They battle it out in a competition of orgasms, Charley wins the first by having the first squirting orgasm after using the Annihilator but Lorelei isn’t far behind, soaking the floor with her screaming orgasm. A speculum is inserted into Charleys pussy and Lorelei uses forceps on her clit before sticking her finger into Charley through the speculum. They use a load of fucking machines before Charley steps onto the Sybian. She wins with the most orgasms and Lorelei punishes her for winning by sitting astride her and playing with her very sensitive clit till the floor is soaking in come. This medical sex show can be seen here.