Kelly Divine Breaks In A New Fuck Machine

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Kelly has always claimed no man could ever satisfy her so machine sex seemed the right way to go. She warmed up her ass by using an anal dildo and fingering her pussy to orgasm. She lets the juice drips onto her crack for lubrication before climbing onto the new machine.

It has bicycle handles to grip hold of as a dildo ass fucks her at speed while a vibrator is held on her clit. Still not satisfied after a few orgasms she climbs off and fists her own ass while using a vibrator in her pussy, there really is no satisfying this girl.

Her hair is tied to the Assblaster as she is fucked in the ass by it and a dildo in her mouth. The machine pounds her ass hard and she can’t move without losing her hair. She is fucked till even she admitted she had had enough. A great update from Fucking Machines.

Danica Dillan Gets Her Fill Of Fuck Machines

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When Danica sneaks away from her guided tour of the Armory she finds a room filled with fucking machines. She is soon overpowered by the temptation and strips off to sit on Pandoras box with a vibrator in her ass and one on her clit as she takes a machine fucking to orgasm.

Now thoroughly horny she can’t leave without trying out the others to see how many machine orgasms she can have. Using the Assblaster first in her pussy with a vibrator on her clit leaves her qith a squirting orgasm that ruins the antique sofa she is on. She then sticks the dildo in her ass to be ass ucked by machines while using the vibrator as she continues to drip come onto the sofa. This Fucking Machines scene is worth watching for the amount of come she drips onto the couch alone.

Candy Martinez Fucked By Machine Dildo

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Candy Martinez was so eager to get on with this scene she actually told the guys to shut up and get on with it. Within seconds she is straddling the Little Guy which pounds her pussy from beneath to the first of many orgasms. This was just a warmup for the bigger dildos though and she starts off with the Queen.

Led on her back Candy has her pussy hammered by the Queen at full speed through multiple orgasms and the dildos keep getting bigger and bigger. Eventually she gets up to Big Red, a machine dildo that is a massive 10 inches thick but after a few minutes and a painful orgasm she has to quit and go down a size.

The dildos used now are still massive though not as thick as Big Red but she takes one after the other usually with an Hitachi held on her clit as she goes through more brutal orgasms. The final dildo pounds her pussy hard and fast until she has one last thundering orgasm that leaves her sweating. You can see Candy have multiple orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Lilly Carter Fucks Machines Till She Squirts

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Lilly Carter loves sex and sometimes only a machine can satisfy her. She is upside down on a chair with The Little Guy pounding her pussy. The thick dildo pounds her fast and hard bringing her first orgasm then she goes on all fours with an Hitachi pressed against her clit. She used their new toy then, the Assblaster, a new anal fuck machine. You can hear her sigh as it enters her pounding her ass at full speed till she orgasms. They use the Crystal Wand machine next with an Hitachi until she squirts come all over the machine. Go to Fucking Machines to see this stunner have a thundering orgasm.

Phoenix Marie Uses Fucking Machines At Full Speed

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Phoenix wanted to try new things so her first machine was the spanking machine which spanked her ass so hard she had to move. She fingered her pussy and ass before using the Bunny Fucker which was at full speed brings her to orgasm. She fisted her ass to get it warmed up then oiled herself up, sat on a sybian and inserted a dildo in her ass. She put the machine on full speed giving herself a double orgasm. She had to take a few seconds after that but she hates quitting partway through so she agreeed to jump back on for more machine sex for one more orgasm. See more girls machine fucked at Fucking Machines.

Nonstop Machine Fucking For Mia Li

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Mia Li loves sex and seems to have an infinite amount of orgasms available to her. This made her ideal for a Fucking Machines scene. She was put naked on a swing seat and fucked by her first machine to the first of many orgasms. She had quite a few orgasms that way before a thicker, bigger dildo is used to get some more from her.

She turns over on the swing to be fucked hard from behind. The machines speed is switched up going faster and faster while an Hitachi is held on her clit. Eventually the machine is switched off to save it overheating but she carried on with the Hitachi. Nipple suction is used on her nipples as the third machine gets to work on her through more orgasms.

The next machine dildo is absolutely massive and fully stuffs her pussy while vibes work on her nipples. The vibes are placed on her clit as the next dildo brings about orgasm after orgasm. When they tell her that the scene is over she looks so disappointed but agrees. Watch this woman have brutal orgasm after orgasm at Fucking Machines.

Insatiable Melissa Jacobs Orgasm After Orgasm

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Melissa Jacobs just can’t be stopped. If they had made this an all day machine fucking session she would probably still want more. She starts off being pounded from behind at slow speed by a fucking machine but it is soon turned up to full speed. Along with the vibrator held on her clit she is soon having a squirting orgasm.

Not content with that she turns over so another machine can fuck her while yet another machine is hitting her tits with a ruler and the vibrator helps her through more orgasms. A few more squirting orgasms later and she is turned over lying face down on a table with her arms tied to her legs.

An even bigger machine dildo is inserted and this one running at full speed has her shuddering but happy to continue. The vibrator is also used to keep her coming but even that isn’t enough for her. In the interview at the end she is still fingering herself to more orgasms. You can see Melissa Jacobs having thundering orgasms at Fucking Machines.

French Maid Danica Takes A Machine Fuck

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When Danica gets a job as a french maid cleaning a boys apartment she finds some disgusting things. One day while cleaning she pulls a book and a secret door opens. She goes in and finds some sex machines so decides to enjoy herself for a change. She’s naked within seconds and riding 2 new machines called The Guvnor and The Mamba while using a vibrator on her clit. She is soon squirting everywhere, especially as these new machines alter while working, one minute going slow, next fast, sometimes just the head and other times the whole thing. She has loads of orgasms which of course she has to clean up. Go to Fucking Machines for more machine dildo sex.

Sienna Takes A Machine Fuck With An Ass Spanking

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Sienna has always complained of not having enough sex so she was happy to volunteer for a scene at Fucking Machines. When asked what she liked best she said she loves someone smacking her ass as they fuck her so they arranged to have the spanking machine ready for her. After shoving a large butt plug inside her they set the machine going leaving her ass red. She lay down then for the Bunny Fucker to bring her to orgasm before moving on to The Monster. After enough of this position she goes on to all fours and takes a big fuck machine dildo in her ass. Still not satisfied she goes on her back again with the large dildo in her ass and uses a vibrator on her clit to bring her to a thundering orgasm. You can see the machine sex video here at Fucking Machines.Com.

Yasmine de Leon And Seda Double Team Fucking Machines

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It’s rare to see two newbies try a new site together so Fucking Machines were overjoyed to get two stunning amateurs together for this scene. They start off easy, kissing and using vibrators on each other before using the sex machines, each using a dildo in her pussy. This isn’t enough for Seda who wants to be fucked hard so goes to the double penetration side of things with a dildo in her ass as well as her pussy and with Yasmine licking her pussy it isn’t long before she has an intense orgasm. After being double penetrated Seda moves onto the Sybian where the girls take it in turns while the other controls the speed, each using tease and denial to bring the other to the edge of orgasm before stopping. This scene and many others can be found at Fucking Machines.Com.