Sex Mad Seda Not Even Satisfied By Fucking Machines

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Seda has only been a porn model for a short time but she is so pretty and willing to try anything, especially extreme kink that she has been on just about every site on here. Even before they started shooting she was stripping naked and you could see how horny she was, she rode the Fucksall for what is now the new record of 10 minutes of intense machine fucking and squirting orgasms. Still not satisfied she asked for a vibrator which she used on her clit while still riding to more intense orgasms. When she finally needed to give her pussy a rest she went on all fours and had an anal machine fucking, not wanting to waste a minute of her chance for sex. You’d think after all those orgasms she’d be satisfied, not her, she asked to come back later that day for the scene with Yasmine you can find above. See this amazing fuck bunny by clicking here.

London Keyes Using Fucking Machines In A Lingerie Shop

8012 p 19 450x300 London Keyes Using Fucking Machines In A Lingerie Shop

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London is trying on sexy lingerie when she hears Cherry Torn in the store room using a fucking machine. She watches Cherry have a squirting orgasm and gets so turned on she waits for Cherry to get dressed then sneaks in. She uses the same fuck machine sliding it into her already wet pussy and uses a vibrator on her clit bringing herself to a quick orgasm. She starts searching the store room and finds a few more toys inluding nipple clamps and a nipple stretcher, more fucking machines and even leg straps. She uses all of these to bring about more screaming orgasms before leaving the shop. You can watch this and many similar machine sex scenes here.

Lexi Belle Machine Fucked To Orgasms

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Lexi Belle has done this type of thing before, being made to have orgasm after orgasm but she always complained that the guys weren’t enough for her so she was set up with as much as she wanted from these machines. She starts off bending over with a fucking machine dildo in her pussy and a vibrator on her clit which brings a few orgasms from her.

She lies on her back then for the same machine to pound her pussy while she cums and cums. She really won’t give up though even though the pain makes her bend forsward and the machine keeps getting brutal orgasms from her. She lies back down to take some more before moving on to the second machine dildo which she eventually breaks.

The third machine has full access and she is in a gyno chair with no control as the machine with a massive dildo pounds squirting orgasms from her as it is put on full speed. They help her from the chair but she isn’t done, refusing to give in she goes on all fours to take the machine through a few more orgasms. You can see Lexi Belle having thundering orgasms at Fucking Machines.

19 year old Mae Meyers Machine Fucked

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Mae Meyers has been in the scene now for 5 months so they decided to find out just how much she had learned in that short time. She starts off on her back with her hips in the air being dildo pounded by a fucking machine till she goes through a few orgasms.

Not content though she adds an Hitachi for a few more before turning over to fist her own pussy while the Hitachi is held on her clit. She takes Big Red next, a massive dildo that brings more orgasms from her before bending over onto all fours to take Big Blue, an even bigger dildo.

This dildo pounds her pussy hard and with the Hitachi brings a load more orgasms from her. They turn up the speed and the depth it can go to until finally she is taking this giant dildo at full speed and all the way. You can see Mar pussy fisted and machine dildo fucked at Fucking Machines.

Savannah Fox Has 10Ft Squirting Orgasm

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Savannah is easily the heaviest squirter around so this scene was made for her. A target was set up 10 feet away from the machines which she quickly started riding. Starting off at her usual pace she gets on her back and is double penetrated by two dildos immediately. This brings her to rather a gentle squirting orgasm to warm her up.

She is bent over the the second machine, a massive dildo to fuck her ass which soon has her dripping constantly before she brings out the Hitachi. On her back next she’s soon hitting the markers at 2 foot then 5. After that she gets back to the double penetration but this time at high speed and when she adds the Hitachi it’s like a running tap.

Fucked at full speed by one machine then bent over to be ass fucked by another massive dildo soon has the studio soaked. An hand held double dildo has the cameraman soaked and it’s amazing none of the machines shorted out. On her back for the giant dildo is what completes her task as she hits the 10 foot target before needing a rest. You can see Savannah take double dildos to amazing squirting orgasms at Fucking machines.

Cheyenne Jewel Machine Fucked

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Cheyenne Jewel loves sex but admits that any vibes on her clit bring immediate orgasms so as a rule she doesn’t allow them. Unfortunately for her the machines don’t care as she is machine fucked while an Hitachi is held on her clit by another mechanical arm. She goes through orgasm after painful orgasm.

She is then flipped on her front for the machine fucking to continue. A massive long dildo takes very full strokes stretching her pussy while she is lying on the Hitachi, pressed against her clit. She is screaming from the brutal orgasms and eventually has to move.

The last machine is a nightmare for women that hate vibrations, it’s a Sybian even though it is shaped like an aliens head. She is made to sit astride it and told not to move until given leave. Her muscles are so tensed as she goes through so many painful orgasms. You can see Cheyenne vibrated to multiple orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Serena Blair Training With Sex machines

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Ariel X is put in charge of making sure the girls are fit. Today she has Serena Blair so she takes her up to the roof and makes her strip everything except her trainers. She is made to sprint across the roof, rest her pussy on an Hitachi wand for 10 seconds then run back and lick pussy before doing that over and over.

Down in the gym next she is made to bend backwards to feel Ariels tits. She is made to do pushups then while a machine dildo is held in her pussy. She is made to hold that pose as the Fucksall is used. She is made to sit on top of the licking machine while using the Fucksall on Ariel while holding a painful pose.

Once Ariel has had an orgasm Serena is made to hold the Fucksall above her head as the tongue machine licks her pussy to orgasm. She is made to hold this position until Ariel has finished another orgasm from an Hitachi and she has had an orgasm from the tongues. You can see Serena in training at Fucking Machines.

Fucking Machines Finals

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Lorelei Lee and Isis Love have been battling to see who can take machine sex the best and it’s still close. At the beginning of round 4 both ladies are tied on their backs with a large dildo machine in each of them with an Hitachi held on their clits. The competition is easy, last one to cum wins.

It’s a tie in the end, both cumming at the same time so they decide to just see who can go through the most orgasms. They both have squirting orgasm and orgasm while screaming their lungs out. Round 5 has Lorelei taking a double machine fuck, one in each hole while Isis is sat on a Sybian.

Both girls cum so much but in the end it looks like Lorelei is winning so she gets an exra round. Sat on the Sybian Isis holds her down and keeps her clit pressed into the Sybian for some more brutal orgasms. You can see these two battle it out to see who can have the most forced orgasms at Fucking Machines.

Kaylee Hilton Double Machine Fucked

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Kaylee Hilton came into this scene saying one machine wouldn’t be enough for her so she was given two machines every time. In the first she is being machine fucked in the pussy with an Hitachi held on her clit and is swallowing a dildo on a machine at the same time.

She cums over and over before flipping onto all fours to be ass fucked by another machine while using the Hitachi to leave cum splashes on the sheets. The second machine is added so she is taked a machine double penetration, one in her pussy the other in her ass while the Hitachi is still held on her sensitive clit.

Still not satisfied she takes both dildos in her pussy in a machine double vag. After a few brutal orgasms from that she has to go back to the normal double with a dildo in her ass. By the time she’s finished the sheets are soaking. You can see Kaylee having machine sex at Fucking Machines.

Yasmine de Leon Takes An 8 Inch Machine Fucking

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Yasmine de Leon does this scene for Fucking Machines more to see how much sex she can handle than anything else. With this in mind they started her with the Black Baller, a fuck machine with an 8 inch dildo that is remote controlled. To go with that she is sitting on the Rocker, a chair that allows her to move back and fore taking more and more dildo. She also uses a vibrating bullet to help her along to orgasms that leave her pussy soaking wet. Once she is wet and her pussy sore they bring in Fuckzilla, a robot with a mechanical cock so all she has to do is lie there. It isn’t long before she has another intense orgasm, especially with the vibrator being used on her clit. After this orgasm though she refuses to take anymore claiming her pussy is too sore. This scene can be found here or on buy as you watch at Kink On Demand.